Slip and Fall Accident Lawyers

When we get into an automobile we all know that an accident could happen at any time and it isn’t altogether surprising when it happens. If you haven’t been in an accident, you’ve certainly driven by the scene of several. In fact, car accidents and car accident injuries seem to be common, everyday occurrences.personal injury alwyers

However, when you are not in your car and are just out and about shopping for groceries, visiting a friend’s apartment, or out on the town to see a show, you simply don’t expect to get injured. Slip and fall accidents are much more surprising than car accidents and can sneak up on you when you least expect it. This is because slip and fall accidents are typically caused by dangers on a business premises or private property that can be difficult or even impossible to see.

If you have you recently been involved in a slip and fall accident and need a Nevada slip and fall attorney, our law office can help. We specialize in personal injury cases. Our personal injury practice is thriving because of aggressive approach and vigorous work ethic. Our client-first business model has resulted successful outcomes in hundreds of cases and the rapid growth of our law firm.

Why Do You Need a Slip and Fall Lawyer?

Slip and fall accidents are actually fairly common. In fact, thousands of people are injured from slip and fall accidents each year to some degree. A slip and fall lawyer requires a special level of expertise in this area as there are specific laws that exclusively pertain to slip and fall accidents and their victims. There are statues, building codes, codes and standard practices for everything from the height of a curb, the coefficient of friction of a surface, and even the design of stairway. A slip and fall lawyer must be familiar with these regulations and know how to use them to the benefit of your personal injury case.

To be a slip and fall injury lawyer you must be aggressive and determined. Slip and fall cases are not always the easiest to prove so it is critical that your attorney is willing to take that extra step to prove the liability of the premises so that you can win your slip and fall case and receive the personal injury compensation you deserve.

What to Expect in Your Slip and Fall Case

Once you call our law office, we will immediately start by gathering the facts from your case which we will rely on you to provide. This includes your own statement, photographs, videos, diagrams, witness interviews, and even on-site inspections. From there, we will work with your to develop a plan of action for your specific slip and fall case and help you make an informed decision on how to best prosecute your case and win a personal injury settlement.slip and fall injury attorneys

By using our extensive experience as slip and fall accident attorneys, we will know exactly what information and evidence that is needed in order to prove your case so that you can receive the compensation you deserve. Some of the areas that we can help you receive compensation in are as follows:

Lost Wages
Medical Expenses
Pain and Suffering
Wrongful Death

Pick a Personal Injury Attorney That Will Work Hard for You

The minute we get your call, we will immediately start working on your behalf to make sure that all of your needs are met. Our track record speaks for itself and like all of our many other satisfied clients, you will soon understand why people feel at home in our office and choose our firm for all of their legal needs. Our Law Firm is your best choice for a Nevada slip and fall attorney.

If you or a loved one is in need of an experienced slip and fall accident attorney , please contact us now. We will provide you with a free, confidential assessment with an experienced slip, trip and fall accident lawyer.

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Speeding Tickets and DUI Arrests Southeast NY

SOUTHEAST, N.Y. — New York State police have issued 29 traffic tickets and made one DWI arrest during a six-hour period. Troopers patrolled I-684 in Westchester and Putnam counties between 9 p.m. Saturday and 3 am. Sunday. say they issued 11 speeding violations, one seatbelt violation and tickets on 17 other offenses. A 29-year-old Carmel man was arrested on a DWI charge in the Town of Southeast. Police say he was driving 97 mph in a 65 mph zone. Dad jumps out of car to save boy, gets traffic tickets It’s things like this that give cops a bad rap. A New Jersey man whose car rolled over a cliff after he jumped out to save his son from falling over the edge was slapped with $110 in traffic tickets Thursday. Frank Roder, 38, of Winifield Park, took his son Aidan to the river to feed ducks after school. Just before he finished parking his Jeep, the boy jumped out of the car and started running toward the edge of the 35-foot cliff nearby, Fox News reported.traffic ticket lawyers “I saw him running towards this log… I just envisioned him like, hopping over it to go to the water,” Roder told New Jersey 101.5 radio. “And once you hopped over it was straight down. And I just panicked and jumped out after him.” Roder caught his son just feet before the edge of the cliff, Fox News reported. The two then turned to see the jeep roll straight over the edge into the river below. Union Country police arrived on the scene and a crane pulled the car out of the water. A cop gave Roder two tickets — one for failing to produce the insurance card, which was somewhere in the drowned car, and the other for failing to use his emergency break, Fox News reported. The tickets were for $50 and $60. Roder told Fox News he was shocked. He said the cop told him that if he had just taken five seconds to apply the brake this never would have happened. “I say, ‘Really? And if I did and my boy stepped over the edge and fell instead of the Jeep, then were would I be?’ He says, ‘Jail, for child endangerment,’” Roder told Fox News. Roder said he actually thought he did put the car in park. He said he grabbed the windshield wiper switch thinking it was the shifter, which is on the steering wheel in his car. He was driving his wife’s car that day, he told 101.5 radio. Roder will appear in municipal court May 30 where he may get forebearance on the tickets. Union County Police Chief Daniel Vaniska told Fox News his officers have some discretion about when and when not to write a ticket, and admitted in this case, “It probably could have gone either way.”speeding tickets

New York State — NY State Police troopers handed out more than 1,900 speeding tickets to New York Thruway drivers during a weeklong August 2012 safe-driving campaign. “Operation Summer Brake” was created by the New York State Police to help prevent reckless driving behaviors and to stress the importance of highway driving laws, according to a state Thruway Authority news release Wednesday. “The busy summer travel season has ended, but ‘Operation Summer Brake’ did its job by heightening motorists’ awareness of safe driving in work zones, by ticketing speeders, and aggressive and distracted drivers, and by getting many intoxicated drivers off the roads,” said Thomas Madison, the organization’s executive director, in a statement issued to the press. New York’s state troopers issue more than 900,000 tickets a year, (wow!) even though they total only 6 percent of the state’s law enforcement officers, according to the release. Troopers issue approximately 55 percent of speeding tickets and 47 percent of seat-belt and child-seat law violations, and they make 30 percent of DWI arrests. So slow down out there! New York State Police Troop T Sgt. Thomas Ferritto said in a statement released to the press, that the campaign offered a chance to inform drivers about enforcement efforts across the state of New York. “We are particularly pleased to have the chance to educate motorists about the ‘move over law’ and protect maintenance workers, tow-truck operators and state troopers,” he said.

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Tips From our Plumber: How to Fix a Running Toilet

Tips From our Plumber: How to Fix a Running Toilet

Besides being a noise nuisance, a running toilet can quickly add to your water bill. The fix is easy, quick and will be something you will most likely need to do on a regular basis. Learning how to fix it will eliminate unnecessary water charges and knowing how a toilet works will enable you to make small fixes on your own while leaving the more challenging fixes to your Chandler plumber. fixing a running toilet

How It Works

When you push down on the flush handle of a toilet, a rod connected to the handle lifts a ball or a flapper in the tank. This action will open the drain at the bottom of the tank and empty the tank and bowl. As the suction of the water emptying from the tank down to the bowl clears the bowl, it also forces the flapper or balls back into place.

While this is happening there is also a float that rises and falls with the level of water within the tank. When the float reaches a low point, it opens the water supply inlet valve, which lets more water into the tank. The tank and bowl are refilled by the water entering through the inlet valve. Once the float reaches a high point again, the water inlet valve is closed. It is through a multitude of issues that can cause a toilet to continue to use water.

How to Fix It

In many cases, the water level is not correct and in an effort to correct it, the toilet continues to run water through the tank and into the bowl. Often, it can be fixed with bending the float rod down. This will cause there to be less water in the tank.

Another common problem is that the flapper or ball did not get replaced securely. Any gap will cause leakage, making the toilet use water constantly. This is fixed by moving the flapper or the ball back into the correct place. In older units, the flapper or ball may also be deteriorated. Meaning you will need to replace it, if you are unsure how to replace it call your Chandler plumber for assistance. toilet schema

Finally, the chain connecting the rod to the flapper or ball may be too tight and not allowing the hole to be completely covered. You are able to fix this by removing the S hook from its current chain link and allowing the chain to be looser. Be careful not to allow for too much slack, or else the toilet won’t flush.

Follow the above tips to save yourself from high water bills and a running toilet. If you have tried these strategies and your toilet is still constantly using water, you should call your Chandler plumber for assistance. Contact our plumber, today!

EcoWater is the largest manufacturer of residential and whole house water treatment systems in the world. They have had a solid reputation in Chandler, Arizona since 1979 as water experts. Because they have so many years of experience, EcoWater can offer a variety of solutions for your home water treatment, water heating and plumbing needs.

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