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San Antonio Work Related Death Cases

A work-related death can involve many different areas of the law. A few that come to mind are car accident death, 18 wheeler accident death, construction accident death, aviation accident death, boating accident death, product defect death including but not limited to toxic products, exposure to asbestos or Benzene, railroad accidents, accidents involving people served too much alcohol ie dram shop, motorcycle accidents, oil rig accidents, refinery accidents, offshore oil rig accidents, oilfield accidents, warehouse accidents, oil refinery accidents, cargo ship accidents, industrial accidents, explosions, loading dock accidents, mesothelioma related to asbestos, leukemia related to exposure to Benzene, falling objects, crane accidents, forklift accidents, structural collapse, fire or burn, equipment malfunction, crushing accidents and many more.Wrongful Death Attorney

I can’t cover all of this subject matter, but many of these subjects are covered in other pages contained in this website. Another important consideration is whether or not the accident took place while the deceased was on the job or working in the course and scope of his employment. If so, please see our pages on “workers compensation” and “nonsubscriber cases”.Does the employer have workers’ compensation?

The critical issue concerning accidents that occur on the job is workers’ compensation. If the work-related death or accident involves an employer that has workers’ compensation coverage, then the family of the deceased must prove that the deceased have financial dependents and that the employer was grossly negligent.

Gross negligence caps in Texas are governed by Texas Civil Practice and Remedies Code Section 41.008. The cap on punitive damages is the larger of $200,000 or non-economic damages up to a limit of $750,000 plus two (2) times the economic damages. How can our Law Firm help me with my work-related death case?

The benefit of hiring this San Antonio Law Firm wrongful death attorney for these types of cases is that we can help you navigate the complex legal issues that you will face. There are many legal considerations that must be kept in mind so as not to allow the defendant the legal “upper hand”. Sandra D. Laurel understands that San Antonio is a city with a large population of skilled workers who are routinely put in harm’s way because of the dangerous nature of the work.

We recently represented a young man in Texas that got his hand caught in a meat grinder while on the job. Ultimately, the hand and arm became infected and the young man died from his injuries. Our Attorneys were hired by the family of the deceased to pursue the employer.

Please see our pages regarding “machinery injury”, “explosions”, “loading dock”, “mesothelioma\asbestos”, and “warehouse” to obtain more detailed information. Construction work and the relating catastrophic injuries and even death that can occur receive a lot of media exposure because of the severity of the accidents. Recently, here in San Antonio, the press has reported a trench collapse accident, a death from electrocution on the construction site, and a crane accident that caused the death a young father of two small children. Cranes are used extensively at construction sites across the city of San Antonio. The crane operator must exercise extreme caution when operating such large and heavy equipment. Practice Areas: Car Accidents – Trucking Accidents – On the Job Injuries – Wrongful Death – Construction Accidents – Boating Accidents – Premises Liability–

The San Antonio personal injury attorneys of our Law Firm have provided the information on this site to help inform the public about the potential application of civil law to certain situations. The information contained in on this website is not intended to help an individual make important legal decisions. An individual should only make a decision related to a legal case after consulting with an experienced and licensed attorney. Do not make any legal decisions based on information found on this or any other websites. Furthermore, laws and statutes change on a regular basis and information or results mentioned on this website may be based on laws or statutes that are no longer current. Additionally, every case is slightly different and will have its own subtleties and variations, and every case is subject to subtleties imparted by way of nuances imposed by the jurisdiction in which the case takes place and other outside factors such as preexisting agreements including binding arbitration,waivers, insurance coverage stipulations and policy terms, etc.

Contacting the San Antonio personal injury attorneys of our Firm through this website does not constitute an attorney client relationship. It is the policy of This Law Firm that an attorney client relationship can only be established after a formal written engagement letter is endorsed by both the client and an officer of this Legal company. Any information transmitted through this website by submission of a contact form or by way of electronic email is not guaranteed to be secure and is not done so on a confidential basis.

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Winter is coming the Rodents want in

Rodent Control

Rodents like rats and mice in your house can do more damage than you recognize. They are able to spread disease, cause fires, destroy your insulating material and more. The control of mice and rats can be hard to handle because of evasive behavior and their instinctive nature.Rodent control More information about Pest Control here

A rodent control specialist will offer the requirements at your premises and to be customized by our tech. We’ll run a comprehensive review of your house trying to find entry points, and contributory places for nesting and food. Should you imagine you have a rodent problem do not wait, call Texas Pest Control now.

Sooner or later you are almost certain to be confronted with the prospect of rodent control, in the event you are a homeowner. Rats and mice are drawn to human domiciles due to simple food sources and warm, cozy living spaces. Because of this, it is a rare house that does not experience rodent infestation in one kind or another. The key is understanding the best way to see the existence of rodents and, consequently, understanding the best way to remove them.

Why Stress? First of all, they’re disease carriers, that is established. Be salmonella poisoning or it the fatal Hanta Virus, their feces as well as rodent’s are a prime carrier of disorders that could quickly soar to the human population. Beyond that, remember your typical house mouse reaches adulthood in 8 weeks and certainly will create 8 litters a year of 4-8 pups. Multiply that by a couple of breeding pairs and it is not difficult to see your house can be quickly taken over by mice should you not take the initiative.

So… How Do I See Them? Spotting rats and mice at home is relatively simple. Watch out for little holes chewed in stuff, cupboards, and walls where mice might go. Believe it or not, these mice typically are not looking for food. Instead, they are utilizing the chewed up paper and cardboard pieces to construct nests for their litters.

Clean infested areas by using a bleach water solution and soak in a bleach/water mixture before handling snap traps. Eventually, when cleaning up feces, consider wearing mask or an easy respirator. Attempting to handle a rodent control issue by yourself is a great first step, though it is crucial that you remember how dirty and dangerous these miniature creatures can be.

What is the Top Pest Management Strategy? This is dependent upon your position and who you speak to. Snap traps are a popular favorite for mice and rats because they make for simple disposal and are inexpensive. Your choices for bait are nearly infinite. Beyond snap traps, there are several glue traps, live traps, and poisons you might attempt. Set toxin or your traps in regions where there’s signs rodents are found, and situate them along walls. In the event you decide to lay out toxins, make sure you keep a watch on kids and pets to safeguard them from becoming inadvertent casualties.

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