Tips From our Plumber: How to Fix a Running Toilet

Tips From our Plumber: How to Fix a Running Toilet

Besides being a noise nuisance, a running toilet can quickly add to your water bill. The fix is easy, quick and will be something you will most likely need to do on a regular basis. Learning how to fix it will eliminate unnecessary water charges and knowing how a toilet works will enable you to make small fixes on your own while leaving the more challenging fixes to your Chandler plumber. fixing a running toilet

How It Works

When you push down on the flush handle of a toilet, a rod connected to the handle lifts a ball or a flapper in the tank. This action will open the drain at the bottom of the tank and empty the tank and bowl. As the suction of the water emptying from the tank down to the bowl clears the bowl, it also forces the flapper or balls back into place.

While this is happening there is also a float that rises and falls with the level of water within the tank. When the float reaches a low point, it opens the water supply inlet valve, which lets more water into the tank. The tank and bowl are refilled by the water entering through the inlet valve. Once the float reaches a high point again, the water inlet valve is closed. It is through a multitude of issues that can cause a toilet to continue to use water.

How to Fix It

In many cases, the water level is not correct and in an effort to correct it, the toilet continues to run water through the tank and into the bowl. Often, it can be fixed with bending the float rod down. This will cause there to be less water in the tank.

Another common problem is that the flapper or ball did not get replaced securely. Any gap will cause leakage, making the toilet use water constantly. This is fixed by moving the flapper or the ball back into the correct place. In older units, the flapper or ball may also be deteriorated. Meaning you will need to replace it, if you are unsure how to replace it call your Chandler plumber for assistance. toilet schema

Finally, the chain connecting the rod to the flapper or ball may be too tight and not allowing the hole to be completely covered. You are able to fix this by removing the S hook from its current chain link and allowing the chain to be looser. Be careful not to allow for too much slack, or else the toilet won’t flush.

Follow the above tips to save yourself from high water bills and a running toilet. If you have tried these strategies and your toilet is still constantly using water, you should call your Chandler plumber for assistance. Contact our plumber, today!

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