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Partner With The Electrical Industries Charity To Lend A Helping Hand


The Electrical Industries Charity recently launched a new program that aims to help those in need within the industry. This program is known as “Practical Participation Program” and is aimed at developing the super network within the industry. This program provides a way for companies that are related to the electrical industry to volunteer their skills, equipment, resources and time to help those in needs within the industry.

The program was developed with the motto of helping anyone in the industry who is not able to meet their daily needs and requirements. It is a great way for experts in the industry to work alongside amateurs and volunteers and pool in their efforts to help people who are struggling. The program intends to contribute to solutions and provides services to those who otherwise cannot afford to employ these professionals.


Once you sign up for the program, the charity will approach you as and when needed. They then ask for your help in providing a feasible solution to those who are in need. As a partner, you can make an impactful contribution to help in improving the lifestyle of retired colleagues, out of work employees and their families, upcoming apprentices and so on. Since the main aim of the program is to help others and not for profit, it is a great way to boost the reputation of your business among your local community.

Some of the clients who benefit from the charity’s initiative have problems like insufficient heating, failed thermostats and other appliance fittings. Your assistance can go a long way in improving the lives of these people. So, don’t let people in your industry suffer and sign up for this philanthropic program and help to make a difference in the lives of others. This program is a great way for businesses to work alongside with reputed charities instead of venturing out all on their own.

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