Happy Days For Skilled Workers In Construction


The Construction Industry in the US has been growing steadily for the past eight years. Major construction employers are looking to employ more skilled people. Even the wages have shown a 2.8 percent increase compared to last year, making it $28.30 per hour currently.

The Associated General Contractors of America or AGC have observed that employment in the construction field has gone up to 6.669 million in the last month. This has the highest it has ever reached since December 2008. According to the AGC report the shortage of skilled workers along with the increase in construction projects has made wages and salaries increase on a steady slope. The shortage of skilled workers in the construction industry has been a constant strain on major construction giants.
The Construction Industry Institute or CII has tried to overcome this by encouraging young people to choose this as a career option as well as changing the misunderstanding of tough working conditions. Even today the construction field is not considered attractive job market for women. This scenario can be changed by providing better benefits like paid maternity leave and child care options.
The workforce found in the construction industry is made up of two types:

· Workers who are satisfied with the work they are doing and are eager participants in trying to improve their skills in the field.
· The second group of workers sees their job as mainly a transit or in between job choice. As soon as better opportunities in other fields crop up they will jump the ship.

Managers have to use different management strategies according to the worker groups higher at the field. The number of people with previous experience in the construction who are currently unemployed has been reported to be 474,000 by the AGC. This is the lowest it has been since the past 16 years, which is quite a noticeable feat.

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Carpentry & Woodwork

22-Year-Old Named As The Top Carpentry Apprentice Of New Zealand


Ethan Inglis has won the coveted title of the “Carpentry Apprentice of the Year 2016”. This title is awarded by the Bay of Plenty Registered Master Builders. Ethan underwent his apprenticeship at the Building and Construction Industry Training Organization and is currently employed by the firm Skilled Building Solutions.

year1Judges who selected the winners were of the unanimous opinion that Ethan displayed maturity far beyond his twenty-two years. They claim that he is a worthy winner of the title of the Apprentice of the Year awarded by the master builder association. They state that Ethan was confident and led others by example in all avenues of the entire building process. He has a sound knowledge of the workings of the industrial site and was able to identify problems and provide sound solutions to solve those problems. Others said that Ethan has strong communication skills and excelled at both the planning and implementation of a project.

year2Ethan was gifted with a range of tools to help him in his vocation. All these tools were state of the art and sure to evoke jealousy among even the most experienced workman. He was also given a gift check worth $2000 dollars to spend at the popular clothing store, Carters and a coveted spot in the Outward Bound Course.
The second place in the competition was awarded to twenty-year-old Alwyn Vickers who is currently employed by Parkin Builders. Twenty-three year old, Jacob Cvitanovich won the third place. He is employed by the builders, Venture Development. The results of the event were announced at a gala party held at the Yacht and Power Boat Club of Tauranga.

The event aims to showcase the future leaders of the construction industry and it also serves to help more young people to take up lucrative positions in the industry.

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Construction Industry Gears Up To Slow Down Decline


An independent survey recently urged the government to take radical steps to slow down the deadly decline faced by the construction industry as a whole. The review also stated that the government should try to slow down the slump by building affordable housing units and properties for rental purposes.

civl1This review was commissioned by the government and was undertaken by the consultancy run by Mark Farmer. In this study, it was found out that serious government intervention is necessary to boost the economic slowdown of the construction industry. The slowdown can be prevented by tax incentives and building housing units for rental purposes. Farmer claims that building for the sole purpose of renting plays a vital role in the ever changing construction industry. Though the construction industry is facing a tumultuous change, it has been observed over the years that rental demand is more or less the same.

civl2The report calls the government to increase the number of affordable homes and social housing units. It claims that these kinds of houses can be built within a short span of time with the help of pre-manufactured modules rather than depending on traditional building methods that are costlier and time-consuming.

Farmer, a veteran in the field claims that to put back the construction industry on its feet, off-the-shelf components must be increasingly used in the industry. He stated that a good example for this type of building is the Legal & General’s latest factory in Yorkshire, UK, that has plans to build homes through an automated process, like that employed by automobile factories. Farmer also warns that if action is not taken quickly, it will become a highly difficult task to rescue the construction industry.

It is to be noted that the construction industry has declined on a global level in the past few years, due the global economic slowdown.

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